Vehicle Protection

At P&L Automotive, we choose AUTO ARMOR for our protection products because of their 50-year legacy of crafting high-quality chemicals that exceed industry standards. Their exceptional coatings are the outcome of rigorous independent lab testing and US production. When combined with installation by our factory trained technicians, you’ll receive the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Opting for AUTO ARMOR means investing in top-tier products with cutting-edge technology, ensuring your vehicle receives the ultimate protection it deserves.

Protection Products

Paint Sealant

Diamond Ceramic With Graphene

Today’s factory applied paint finishes have a shiny top layer called “clearcoat”. Clearcoat provides a nice shine, but microscopically it is porous. These pores allow contaminants to embed themselves and deteriorate the clearcoat and paint. Paint sealant creates a transparent polymeric coating that protects and seals out the elements, producing a deep gloss shine and eliminates the need for waxing.

Interior Protection

Covers Rips, Tears & Burns

The interior protection coating helps shield your vehicle’s interior surfaces from fast food stains, beverage spills, bleaches, dyes, mold, mildew, UV fading or discoloration and cracking of the dash. It protects leather/vinyl/cloth seats, the dashboard, door panels and carpets and creates a protective barrier that makes cleaning a breeze saving you time.

Inner Panel Rustproofing


This product is designed to effectively seal and protect the inner cavities of essential body panels. These concealed spaces often accumulate moisture, salt brine, and debris, creating ideal conditions for rust. A 360º spray tip is used to coat the internal metal surfaces and prevent exposure to contaminants and oxygen, eliminating the risk of rust.


Rust Inhibitor + Sound Shield

A rust-inhibiting undercoating provides vital protection for vehicles, creating a robust barrier against rust, while also offering sound-deadening qualities. This extends a vehicle’s lifespan, lowers maintenance costs, preserves its structural integrity, and enhances the driving experience by reducing noise levels.

Additional Protection

At P&L Automotive, we go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition. In addition to our core protection packages, we offer a range of additional protection products. From Windshield Protection to Window Tint, Paint Touch-ups, and Spray-in Bedliner, we’ve got you covered for a comprehensive automotive care experience.

Carbon Steel Windshield Treatment

Every windshield has millions of microscopic scratches, peaks, valleys, pores and environmental contaminants that allow cracks to more readily happen. Debris that hits the windshield makes contact with these imperfections causing the windshield to crack, chip or spider. Our product fills and reinforces these pores using a state-of-the-art application with carbon nanotubes that are 100 times stronger than steel. This treatment also repels rain, muddy water, insects and ice for better visibility, making the vehicle safer for you and your passengers.


Paint Touch-ups

Don’t let paint chips, scratches, and imperfections tarnish the beauty of your vehicle. Embrace the transformative power of our touch-up paint system and restore your paintwork to its former glory. By addressing these blemishes promptly, you not only maintain the aesthetic appeal but also protect your car from potential rust and corrosion. But there’s an added bonus! When it comes to installing Paint Protection Film (PPF), repairing those flaws beforehand ensures a smoother and more seamless application. So, show your ride some love, touch up those imperfections, and let your PPF shine by providing beautiful and durable finish.

Spray-in Bedliner

Enhance your truck’s durability and protection with a spray-in bedliner. It acts as a shield against impact and abrasion, safeguarding your bed from unsightly dents and scratches. You can bid farewell to worries of corrosion and rust, as this protective coating combats the elements, keeping your truck looking pristine. You can drive confidently knowing the slip-resistant surface keeps your cargo in place. The seamless coverage, custom-tailored to your truck’s unique shape, ensures a perfect fit that lasts, providing exceptional longevity and durability. Lastly, when the time comes to sell, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of an increased resale value.



Llumar Window Tint

The best way to choose the right film for your vehicle is to determine your priorities. Is it for style, privacy, heat rejection, glare reduction, UV protection, or a combination of these factors? All our films offer 99% UV protection, style and privacy. The UV protection will significantly improve the lifespan of your interior. Window tint can also deter theft by reducing visibility of your personal items.
Llumar ATC is a budget-friendly dyed film that offers mild heat rejection and moderate glare rejection.
Llumar CTX is a ceramic film that offers the best “bang-for-the-buck” with excellent heat rejection and significant glare reduction.
Llumar IRX is our most advanced film for those who want the best-of-the-best with no sacrifices. It offers the ultimate heat rejection, most advanced glare reduction and infrared-blocking technology.

Dino Perfetti
Dino Perfetti
May 10, 2022
Becca did an awesome job on my car! The Llumar protection film they use is awesome!
Wyatt Russek
Wyatt Russek
April 24, 2022
Won’t take my car anywhere else. Exceptional craftsmanship.
Dan Sadowski
Dan Sadowski
March 17, 2022
I’ve taken all three of my vehicles there and have had the full package plus 3m work on it also, very happy with the work the staff and quality of there work. I would recommend this place to everyone. If you want your investment protected I would totally recommend P&L automotive.
Chris Hoff
Chris Hoff
March 16, 2022
The service I had done was from several months ago, but it does not change the outcome. I purchased my vehicle from a dealership and choose to go with the 3m shield. The Dealership utilizes P&L for this service. I was extremely satisfied with the product, the overall installation time, and pick-up/ drop off of my vehicle. I have never used P&L before this and I was pleasantly surprised with their great service and professionalism. I am now looking at tinting my windows and will be a repeat customer. ***Hi all, seven years later 3m film is still applied to the vehicle and 100% intact. I will be looking for a new vehicle soon and will use this services again.
March 4, 2022
I have been using P & L for the past ten years for all of my vehicle needs. Everything from Paint protection, window tinting, and rust proofing. I had previously had work done elsewhere that I was not happy with. I was referred by a colleague to try P & L, and see if they could correct what I was not happy about by a previous company. Not only were they able to fix the issue, but they went above and beyond. Since then I have exclusively used P & L. The quality and care for my cars / trucks has always been top notch. The staff who I have had the pleasure of getting to know through the years is incredibly knowledgeable, and they have the certifications and training to back it up. All of my friends and family use P & L, and have had nothing but great experiences. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Paul who is the “P” in P & L. Paul has been doing this 30+ years, and his Daughter Becca who is his lead film installer was just starting in the company when I first brought them my vehicles 10 years ago. With Becca’s training and certifications she has been able to put together, and train a team of top notch film installers that produce the cleanest and sharpest paint protection film and window tinting anyone could ask for on their vehicles. I can’t say enough great things about this company and it’s staff. You would be a fool to go anywhere else.

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