Supra Windshield Treatment

Improve clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time

A product that has outstanding durability, commercial grade service life, very high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Improving visibility during precipitation events and at night can improve your reaction time and create a saver driving experience for you and your family. When applied to your windshield, it makes visibility crisper as though you were looking through HD glass.

  • Approved for commercial/fleet vehicles
  • Sealant for your windshield.
  • Makes your windshield stronger.
  • Protect from stones, sand, and road debris.
  • Clarity – Reduce glare; extend reaction time, safer driving at night and during inclement weather.
  • Repellency – RAIN | SNOW | SLUSH | INSECTS
Supra X Windshield Treatment
Supra Windshield Treatment