Auto Armor® Entire Car Protection

Rustproofing…Protect from Salt and acid Rain

In an Independent survey 97.6% said absence of corrosion was important to your vehicle’s trade in value. If you live in an area with high usage of road salt or ocean spray you should consider the protection of Auto Armor Rustproofing and Auto Armor Paint Protection to provide the most effective environmental paint and surface rust system available. Corrosion inhibitors are added to provide maximum coverage against surface rust and rust perforation.

Exterior Protection Against:

  • Weather induced fading
  • Weather induced chalking
  • Weather induced loss of gloss
  • Acid Rain
  • Bird Waste
  • Tree Sap
  • Insect Damage
  • Sun UV Damage
  • Ocean Spray
  • Hard Water Spots
  • Deicing Agents/Road Salts
  • Brake Dust & Rail Dust
  • Paint Overspray